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Kiln Dried Firewood, Northern Ireland

Why Kiln Dried Firewood

Why Kiln Dried instead of Seasoned? All Stove Manufacturers recommend Kiln Dried Firewood for burning versus Seasoned wood. This is because the consistency of Seasoned wood isn’t reliable.

Lots of firewood producers will tell you they have very dry wood and it has been seasoned for 6 months or more, but when you burn it, it smoulders in the fire and blackens the glass. It hasn’t been truly dried all the way through to the centre of the log and tested correctly for moisture content.

Firewood needs to be low in moisture to burn well and to produce maximum heat. High heat will reduce the build up of unwanted deposits of soot, creosote or ash in the chimney flue. Wood that has a high moisture content produces water vapour and gives a low heat which is too low to burn sap from the wood. This causes a build-up in the Stove, causing the glass to blacken and tar build up in the flue, affecting the performance of the stove, fire and chimney flue.

They are guaranteed below 12% moisture content for Kindling and 20% for Logs, which makes them ideal for burning in wood-burning stoves, open fires and firepits as they catch alight easily and burn for a long time with a high heat.